Wednesday, June 06, 2012

{Project Backyard Beautification begins}

We are trying to slowly make our backyard a place where our children want to be all Summer long.

My parents backyard, the yard I grew up in, has always been a place of beauty, learning and memories.
It took years and constant hard work to make that backyard into a little piece of heaven. I know we are far, FAR, from having that in our own back yard but we are slowly, oh so slowly, trying to make it a place of memories and fun.

When I go outside in my parents backyard I always notice the little details. The shell fountain my mom created, the candles, the lights in the trees. It's the details and small things that make it magically different than just any old back yard.

We've got a plan for the next couple months.  Bret is concentrating on making the fire pit and deciding how to landscape, I am focusing on little touches/details.

We added a few plants around the gazebo last week. It was amazing how a few plants can add so much.
We've found a few pieces of furniture that add spunk and functionality (you can see them in the post below), plus of course seating for us and people we entertain.  We've already put the furniture to use doing crafts on them, eating all 3 meals a day outside and just lounging around on them.

I scored at Target in their $1 section when I found these (they are still there): 

 I can't wait to use these tea light candle holders. Maybe others will notice them, maybe they won't, but I will and they will make me happy, plus, how could I not get them when they were each a dollar?!

I'm always on the lookout for more little things and ways to make the backyard "personalized".  I know it will be a continuous process, one which I will enjoy.

Up next for me is a way to store the lawn games/toys for my kids.  Any ideas?


Jo(ke) said...
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whitneyingram said...

Get a trampoline! Best thing ever! We have my parent's old one they bought 20 years ago and it gets used multiple times a day. I don't know how we ever lived without one!

Sol said...

drought resistant plants are the way to go. Anything that is silvery coloured in the leaf. And lavender, how I love lavender. That will grow quickly in your warmer climate.

I adore your mums fountain. it is so pretty.