Thursday, June 21, 2012


01.We've been doing swimming lessons every day this week.  Poor Jonas gets to be sad while he watches his sisters swim in the water.

Poor me who has to try and follow him and make sure he doesn't throw stuff (or himself) in the pool.

02.We spent the afternoon at the pool yesterday.  It's always fun to watch the people at the public pool.  There were a few swimsuits, and I use that term very loosely, that barely covered peoples naughty bits.

Why is that those who are almost nude have the body type that should probably be more covered up.

03.I have a huge bruise on my leg.  I don't even know how or when I got it.  Does this happen to you?  Happens to me all the time.

04.Watched "The Proposal" last night.  That movie makes me laugh every single time.

05.I hate it when I burn my tongue.  It ruins my whole eating experience for the day.

06.I really need to learn the best way to grill/cook a pizza on the BBQ grill.  Anyone have good suggestions?  PLEASE?!

07.If you looked at my kids you would be able to tell which one got skipped in the sunscreen process yesterday.  I got distracted chasing after Jonas and Ella was skipped.  She's a bit crispy today.  I feel guilty.  Oh well, tomorrow she will be a nice warm brown color and my guilt we be slightly less.

I informed her she is old enough to remember to put sunscreen on herself.  We will see how that goes...

08.Next week we are having a lot of people stay at the house.  I keep using that as an excuse to not really deep clean the house until right before their arrival.

Using this excuse seems to put my cleaning conscious at ease for the time being.

09.Summer time means less laundry.  The kids wear the same clothes they wore the day before if they aren't too dirty (with the exception of always wearing clean underwear).  After two days of the same clothes then it's deemed dirty...unless they are jean cut offs...those can go days before washing.

Yay for less laundry.

10.Jonas was found in the downstairs bathroom with the door closed.  Upon opening the door I saw him helping himself to the dog food.  He was just chilling there chomping and smiling.



whitneyingram said...

A bikini isn't a right. It's privilege.

As for grilling pizza- here is what you do. Get your dough all set and stretched out. Grill one side until cooked and there are grill marks. Take it off the grill and add your toppings and sauce etc on the grilled side. Then put it back on the grill, lid closed, until the toppings are melty and the bottom of the crust is grilled. BOOM! Grilled pizza! Recent great combo: goat cheese, thinly sliced fennel and roasted red bell peppers. Drizzle with olive oil when done. This combo is in my book. Yum. And I don't even like goat cheese.

William said...

Don't you get your dog food through Bret's hospital? If igure if it's from a vet than, he, Jonas can eat all he wants!!! It will make him stron and run to mention bark, lift his leg, and sniff you!!!

Songbook said...

Ha! I love Whitneyingram's comment!
"A bikini isn't a right. It's privilege." amen sister!

And I love the way you make lists of what is going on in your life- so great for capturing memories, and more fun than paragraph format for some reason. I may have to copy sometime... :)

Jo(ke) said...

I get the big bruises on my legs without knowing where they came from as well. So strange. I always thought it was because of my pale skin. But you are not pale so I guess that theory's out the window. :)