Thursday, June 14, 2012


01.We could spend every day in our back yard, running through sprinklers and playing in our tiny plastic pool. 

In fact, that is exactly what we've been doing at least 4 times a week lately. 

Obstacle courses using hula hoops, toys, the pool and the sprinkler have been the favorite lately.

Popsicle's and ice cream have been consumed in large amounts as well.

02.Here's a tip for you.  Don't leave bags of shells straight from the beach in a warm car over night by accident.  The smell just might kill you!

Today we are going to wash, rinse and dry out the kids shells they found at Sunset beach yesterday, then identify them with our shell book.

We love shells...just not how they smell.

03.Flies! They are everywhere!  Every Summer here we have a plethora of flies...ew!

We try and keep them at a minimum by telling the kids to keep the back door shut but that doesn't happen.

I'm becoming quite the pro at killing the flies and even have my kids trying to kill them with the bribe of an extra ticket (see post below) if they kill more then 5.

04.My kids keep calling our Hibiscus plant the "Hawaiian biscuit" plant.  I smile each time I hear them say it and haven't corrected them yet...I probably won't.

05.I have learned that whenever my kids preface their conversation to me with "I'm not tattling but...", it usually means they are totally tattling.

When they do this I scream "OUCH! My ears are bleeding!  Your tattling hurts my ears!".  They try and keep tattling but I just continue to exclaim "OUCH!" until they give up and try and work it out or forget about it.

I'm sure there is a more effective way to handle this...I've done better in the past, but for right now, I'm dealing with it this way.

06.I have grand plans for myself this Summer.  I want to start making some of the things I've been pinning.  There are some things I've pinned that I'm just dying to try and make. 

07.We got Jonas some light up drumsticks at Disneyland last week.  He really likes to drum but not sure about the drumsticks now.  So far he's used them on the drum pads, both Mailee and Ella's heads, the TV, my legs and bottom and his own head multiple times.

Next time I'm getting him a Churro and a Mickey Bobble head doll instead.

08.My addiction to Lemonheads is back.  Yum.

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Melanie said...

When are you going to post this mac recipe? I just went through all your posts tagged 'kitchen creation' looking for it :)

By the way, I love the ticket idea below. Genius.