Wednesday, May 30, 2012

{A Simple Gift Idea}

For the girls teacher gifts this year I wanted to keep it simple and have the girls do most of the work.

After thinking my idea was pretty original I realized, after seeing the same sort of play on words/gift idea on a few other blogs and on Pinterest, that yet again, I am so NOT original. Oh well. At least my goal of having the kids do the gifts for the most part still happened.

Here's what we did.
A couple boxes of fortune cookies and some cute melamine containers.
I had the girls fill the containers up with the cookies (I placed some metallic gold tissue paper in the container before placing the cookies down). I decided to leave them in their individual wrappers, even though without the wrappers would look better in my opinion. Keeping the wrappers on the cookies would allow for longer storage.
The girls also wanted to give their teachers some flowers.

I suggested giving them some flower earrings from my shop instead of real flowers. The idea was embraced with over the top cheers and congratulatory pats on my back for being so "clever" (side note: If you want to feel good about yourself hang out with kids, they give out awesome compliments for the littlest of things).
Each wrote a note "I'm so fortunate to have had a teacher like you!", along with any other personalized message they wanted.
Wrap the whole thing in clear cellophane (Dollar Store) and tie with ribbon and there you have it...a simple teacher gift.

*You can add a gift card to a favorite Chinese restaurant or even make personalized fortunes for the cookies if you would like.

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Alison said...

Just saw this... hadn't been over for a visit in a while. Glad you still have some notecards to share. :)