Tuesday, May 15, 2012

{Quality Time}

Last Friday was the annual Father & Son camp out our church does. Bret loves that he has a son of his own he can take with him.

The boys headed up to a place with LOTS of dirt and men. Cheesy skits, inspiring words, funny stories, campfire smoke and fun all happened.

Bret decided to bring Jonas home to sleep as opposed to camping out, knowing full well that we had a busy day on Saturday and if Jonas didn't get his rest he would be a BEAST for us the next day.
While the men-folk were away the girls and I headed down to a friends house where we had a little quality time with our friends.

Hot tubbing, junk food eating, movie watching, smores making, nail and toe painting all were enjoyed. The girls were so excited to spend a girls night out with their friends as well.

Quality time with our kids and friends is always a good way to start off a weekend.
Had to share the outtake photo of Bret and Jonas. This is what happens when you take away the bubble wrap he was popping. Bubble wrap + my kids = cheap entertainment.

Also, please note the  chalk hand prints and foot prints  all over the road.  Sidewalk chalk is SO MESSY!!

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William said...

Glad Bret and Jonas went to the Father & Sons outing.....next year a real sleep over....time to start potty training!!!