Saturday, May 19, 2012

{A Midwest Visit}

I've been in Iowa doing sessions with my awesome clients. The weather has been beautiful and the time spent with good friends, amazing.

Bret has been "Super Dad" with the kids...but that doesn't surprise me. Thanks to all who helped make this trip possible!

Tomorrow I leave this land of corn  (and humidity) and head back to sunny California where I get to don my "Mom hat" once again.

I have had some requests to travel to Arizona, Oregon and Colorado. If you're in those neck of the woods and are interested in a session let's talk.


brittany said...

we would love to host you in Colorado if you come :)

Dee said...

i just have to say that i love your sunnies. may i please ask what brand they are? :)

Chase C. said...

If you decide to come to AZ let me know. We'd be interested in a session.

Sarah said...

I love that you're traveling and doing sessions! How fun! If you go any of those places I can help spread the word, we have lots of friends in all 3 : )