Monday, May 14, 2012

{A Birthday Celebration}

We had a little family party yesterday for Jonas' birthday
Jonas was really excited for his birthday cake and dinner. The boy loves good food.

We celebrated with his favorite meal of pizza, bread sticks, and chopped salad (not his favorite but a must when eating pizza for us).

As is tradition I made his birthday cake. He really enjoyed licking the pastry cream bowl and the beaters after I made the buttercream frosting. Of course the girls needed to get in on the frosting action, eating the left over frosting on graham crackers and the bits of chocolate cake that I had shaved off.
He opened presents, with his sisters help (and by help I mean basically opened for him).  His favorite present was the Buzz Lightyear gun we got from Disneyland that is just like the one he shoots with on the Buzz ride - his favorite ride.

I think this little guy had a great birthday week.  We are so lucky to have him in our family!

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sofieV said...

Love the cake! Would you mind sharing the recipe you use for your buttercream frosting? I never seem to get that right.