Thursday, May 03, 2012


01.Sometimes I look at my 3 children, my husband and yes, even our dog, and think how crazy it is that I have a little family.  This realization just hits me out of the blue sometimes and I just shake my head and can't believe it.

02.We spent the day at the Outlets shopping yesterday.  I found one gift for Bret's birthday as well as his Father's day present.  He's hard to shop for so when he says he really likes something (which is rare) I get it.

03.On this outlet shopping trip I purchased 2 pairs of colored denim capris.  Bright blue and green.  I have ideas on how to style them but I want all you colored denim people out there to share with me how I should wear them.  Pretty please with a cherry on top?

04.I can not believe my little guy will be 2 next week!  Lucky for me he still requires hugs and many kisses on those chubby cheeks from me on a daily basis.  He loves me, this I know.

05.I keep thinking my crazy schedule will die down so I'll have time to better record what has been going on here on the blog but it's just not happening (sorry Grandma).  I'm hoping by June when school is out, photo sessions are less and traveling to Iowa and Utah is over with, this here blog will come back to life again.

We shall see.

06.Our Subarau Outback died.  We're talking super reviving it.  RIP Outback.  Bret wanted a motorcycle.  We got a Toyota Sequoia instead. 

I told him if he wants he can wear a motorcycle helmet while driving the car and pretend he's riding a motorcycle.  Too many friends and family have died or been injured on a motorcycle for me to even consider the idea, though I have a feeling I won't be able to nix the idea forever.

07.Lately my kids have been obsessed with The Snorks.  Watching this show brings me back to 1986, Saturday morning cartoons and blueberry Poptarts.  Anyone else remember this cartoon?

08.Last night Mailee prayed that we would recycle, find all the Hidden Mickey's at Disneyland, that Daddy would be a pretend horse again, and that she will eat her food faster (a serious problem we're having) so that she won't lose anymore Disney Dollars (tickets we give for going the extra mile or doing something above what is expected that can be cashed in on certain Disneyland trips).

You never know what sort of things she will say in her prayers.

09.It's time to child proof the doors around here.  In the last two days Jonas has poured rice all over the pantry floor, disappeared into the garage, and walked out the front door alone.

I'm hoping I will be able to open the doors...child proofing is more like "Erica-proofing"...those pesky door knob things are so hard to use sometimes!

10.I bet your mom didn't ask for an electric fence to keep her chickens/ducks/rabbits in for Mother's day.  Well, mine did.


Jo(ke) said...

When Gary and I bought our car a month ago we put his motorcycle up for sale. I finally feel at peace when he's out and about. I get that men like motorcycles, but it's just too dangerous.

anorton said...

Reading about your little Jonas makes me so excited about having a little boy!
Congrats on your new Car...I know your BFF loves hers!
Your going to have to ask Carlos what my Mom asked him for Mothers Day...Too funny...
We had to sell our Motorcycle when we had our first...I tried to convince Lee not to sell it but he is just too responsible...I think we were both a little heart broken when we saw the bike drive away.
I know he will get one again but probably not for awhile...Boys and their bikes Once you own one you'll always want one. (we sold ours 4 years ago and he still hasnt part with his Bike boots and Leather Jacket)

PSchmalz said...

Snorks was Smurfs underwater

Anne-Marie said...

I'm SOOO excited for the Iowa trip!!! And I have those revelations, too. How did I get to be the mom of a soon-to-be-8-year-old? I'M NOT THAT OLD!!!! Ok, Maybe I am. I'm also struck by how amazing it is that we moved to Des Moines, Iowa just so I could meet you and Debbi and have such dear friends for the rest of my life! Love your guts!

Shar said...

So jeal you live so close to the outlets.

Yay for your new car! I think like, half my friends have Sequoias.

My bestie from Redlands dad died in a motorcycle accident. I'm skiddish about them too. Best day ever when Nate sold his.