Sunday, April 15, 2012

{Sunday photographs - 57}

Oh the tea party the girls had today!

Every stuffed animal that could be found was invited, each given necklaces from the "pretties box" to wear.

The girls had a grand time. Jonas on the other hand...not so much. He was pretty mad when he woke up from his nap too soon.

Eventually he stopped poking his pouty lip out and decided it was okay to participate.

It was all fun and games until I informed the tea party participants that it was time to clean up and get ready for dinner. Somehow all three disappeared upstairs and threw out excuses of having to go to the bathroom and needing to keep Jonas entertained which impeded them from cleaning up the playroom that now looked like someone vomited stuffed animals all over the place.

The playroom was cleaned (with threats of losing their hard earned Disney Dollars), dinner was enjoyed and an evening walk with friends was the cherry on top.

Looking forward to family visiting this week and a Disneyland trip. Here's to a fun week ahead!

p.s.For the record...tonight Jonas got to eat at the table for the first time. All three kids at the table. See ya later high chair! As you can see in the picture he's pretty stoked about his upgrade.

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Sarah said...

No more high chair! Yay for more room in the kitchen! :) Jonas' face at the table is adorable.

It's amazing how much fun it is pulling out every single toy and how absolutely tortuous it is to put it away ;)

Your upcoming week sounds fantastic! So wishing we could come join in the fun.