Sunday, April 08, 2012

{Sunday photographs - 56}

Happy Easter!

We are deep in the Easter festivities at the know eating sweet treats and spending time as a family.

I had a minute between the ham baking and the rolls going in so I thought I would post the Sunday photos.

Can we talk about Jonas' suit?! I giggle every time I see him. If I could have him wear that every day I would. Sadly, as you can see, he wasn't as enamored with it as I was.

The girls felt pretty darn pretty as well. Posing and attempting British accents (apparently that's how to sound fancy). I loved it.We colored eggs yesterday. Jonas decided to sleep instead but we saved a few for him that he decorated with crayons and then smashed on the kitchen floor.I made the traditional (for our family) chocolate fudge cake. This year the girls asked to help frost and decorate the cake. I let them do most of the frosting (I just smoothed it out a bit) and they did all the decorating by themselves. They were so proud of their Easter themed masterpiece.

I've still got more dinner to prepare and then an egg hunt in the back for the kids will happen.

Happy Easter!


Tanis said...

Erica! His suit is the most adorable thing in the world- thug it helps being on such a stud of a kid!
Where did you get? I want one for my son!!

Jessie said...

Seriously, I can't even handle Jonas' suite. The cutest thing ever!