Monday, April 30, 2012

{No. 171}

1.Another Maxi dress, this time bright colors and a chevron stripe pattern make it even better.  I could live in these dresses...and I kind of do.

2.I love a good belt.

3.As I look over the things I'm posting about today I realize a lot of the items are full of bold colors.  Bold is is this blouse.

4.A perfect gold braided flat and braided wedge.  Both are on my list for Mothers day.

5.Our friends made us some delicious homemade ice cream.  Since having theirs I'm even more convinced that I need a maker as well.  I can only imagine how much ice cream would be consumed!  I love ice cream!

6.I love this bracelet.  Bright, simple and different.

7.I've had a BBQ like this on our list of things to get for some time now.  Take it to the beach, the Drive-In, or to the park.

8.These are amazing.  I prefer to roll them.

*All links to items can be found on my Pinterest boards*


Meg said...

thanks for posting! I'm totally buying that maxi dress, like, tomorrow. Maxi dresses are my summer pregnancy's saving grace.

Jennilyn said...

Have that Ice cream maker and love it!!!