Sunday, April 22, 2012

{Sunday photographs - 58}

I totally spaced doing a Sunday photo today. We had a busy Sunday filled with fun friends, yummy dinner and homemade oreos.

I did take a picture of the girls in their Springy looking outfits and posted it on Instagram, so that (and the picture of Jonas taken yesterday morning) will have to do for the photos today. It made me happy every time I saw them in their bright colored dresses.

It was a good day today, ending an even better week. We got to spend time with family at Disneyland and here at our home. I got to photograph a wedding with one of our best friends as my Second, which meant we got to spend time with him too.

Tomorrow my mom is coming for a week visit. The kids are so excited and have plans for her...of course! I hope I remember to take some pictures and post...I've been such a slacker lately.

We turned on the air conditioner for the first time since September yesterday.  I tried to hold out but the soaked pillow and sweaty Jonas I found after nap time was a sign that it was time.

Only 8 more weeks of school.  YES!

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Sarah said...

Hooray for spring weather and outfits, visitors and especially a visit from your mom!! How wonderful. I am sure you guys are having the best time ever.

I hadn't realized that there were only 8 weeks left of school. SO EXCITING! :)