Thursday, April 12, 2012


01.I've been snarky, snappy and on edge the last few days with my family. I blame it on this head cold/allergy thing I've got going on, because it's hard to be at your best when your head feels like it's going to explode any moment.

I also blame the rainy, wet weather we had yesterday and will have again tomorrow. I am positive I would be a completely different person if I lived in a place that rained a lot. A mean, moody person.

I need to snap out of this funk and be nice. A good reprimanding pep talk is on my list to give myself today.

02.Mailee has her kindergarten program tonight. She's been giving us a preview of all the songs they are going to sing, along with the hand actions for each song, for the last few days.

She woke up saying she didn't want to go to school and that her tummy hurt. This usually is code for "I'm too lazy to get out of bed and brush my teeth so can I skip school".

I told her she didn't have to go to school today, and a grin of satisfaction smiled back at me...that is until I said that if she misses school, she misses her program.

Miraculously her tummy was feeling better within a few minutes.

03.The girls saw the commercial for the movie "The Lucky One" and realized it was Zac Effron in the movie. Ella pointed out Mr. Effron and instead of their usual swooning over him Mailee informed me he was too old now. Too old because he had hair on his face.

Fine...don't like Zac anymore girls...but Mommy still does.

04.I am putting off really doing any sort of hard cleaning until next week. We have family coming in next week and the week after and I want it to be nice and clean for them.

Yeah, I know, that's a lame excuse to not really do a thorough job of cleaning...oh well...whatever allows me to justify putting off some deep cleaning is fine with me.

05.Ella asked to learn how to play the bagpipes. I said no.


Sol said...

LOL @ Ella's request. After a week in Edinburgh and all the shops having bagpipes playing in the back ground, it slowly gets to the point that you want to kill the man on the corner in the kilt!

Good for weddings and special events, very bad all day and night!

Good luck with that!

Jo(ke) said...

I have a friend who plays the bagpipes. It's really cool but I can't imagine having a kid who plays them in the house all the time. Her family's poor ears!