Sunday, March 25, 2012

{Sunday Photograph - 54}

I sent Ella up to quietly check on her brother to see if he had gone back to sleep.

I realized I hadn't seen her or Mailee for a few minutes and also noticed the monitor was turned off. I turned on the monitor and heard lots of giggling. I grabbed my camera and headed upstairs.

All three kids PLUS the dog in the crib. They thought they were so sneaky...well the girls did...Jonas looked dazed, sleep still in his eyes and binky still in his mouth (which he only gets in his crib for sleeping - weaning him off the binky is a slow process, but I am in no rush).

So much for a long Sunday nap.

A rundown of today:
Bret left for a Veterinary conference early this morning.
The kids and I lounged around and watched "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers".
Got ready and attended church sans Bret.
Taught Sharing Time.
Attempted to take naps.
Greeted Bret with hugs and kisses (and one direct hit to a spot that caused bent over pain courtesy of Jonas) upon his return.
Enjoyed pork tenderloin, cream cheese mashed potatoes, sweet corn and salad while listening to the rain outside.
Currently watching Cupcake Wars - the kids love this show.
I am playing and very much enjoying "Draw Something". If you want to play me let me know and I'll give you my username,

I am sad that Spring Break is over! This year it went by so fast! Tomorrow it's back to the grind...


Emily Kate said...

How cute is that! Love the siblings playing together and making "mischief." We're doing a slow-wean of the binky too and I'm so not in any rush. In fact, she usually only gets it for sleep but we let our little one have it ALL weekend while we were house hunting and dragging her around. I figured it was the least I could do for her! :)

Jennilyn said...

LOVE Ella's hair! So cute

Katie said...

i would love to play draw something with you! i'm quasi19.