Sunday, March 11, 2012

{Sunday Photographs - 52}

I like skipping ahead one hour for daylight savings. It means that right now, at 6 p.m. it's still light out and we can resume our Sunday evening walks with our friends.

Tonight we will have to pass on the walk though. Mailee left church early with a high fever and the chills (don't be fooled by that smile of hers in the first picture. That's a result of good medicine kicking in).

There is a lot of sickness going on around town. Strep throat, a nasty 24 hour flu virus that requires laying down at the foot of the toilet for most of the 24 hours and other nasty stuff that inevitably will make its way to our home.

It looks like it has. Now we just wait to see how many people in the house get sick. Joy.

The girls decided to play "Jewelry Shop" and made Jonas be the evil Goblin King who came to purchase a ring for his evil lady friend. He's always the Goblin King...or a horse.

We enjoyed some Starburst jellybeans, making it a game to see which combination was the best.

Bret: green + purple = tastes like a lime ricki
Erica: purple + red = tastes like fruity heaven
Ella: red + orange = tastes like a delicious sunset
Mailee: pink + yellow = tastes like strawberry lemonade
Jonas: a handful in each hand = don't know what it tastes like because he rarely eats them, instead, he'd rather hold them in his little sweaty, chubby hands until I pry them from him.

I think we polished off a whole bag in about 20 minutes playing that "game". Yay us.

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brittany said...

i love jonas' hat.