Tuesday, March 27, 2012

{Disneyland tip #2}

I continue to get emails asking about any tips I have for Disneyland. After answering the person's specific questions they have for me I usually direct them to a previous post I wrote about some quick tips we use at Disneyland (click HERE to see post).

Last week when we visited Disneyland I was reminded about another tip/recommendation I just had to share.This book is a MUST!

Did you know there are hidden Mickey's all over the park and the Disney hotels?

This book gives you clues as to where they can be found all around the park and on each rides. It gives you points depending on how difficult it is to spot the hidden Mickey. It also gives you fun facts and tips about the park as well.

I can not tell you how much fun this book has been since we got it a few times back. Kids and adults alike are entertained by this book and makes for waiting in line a bit more entertaining.

You won't be able to find all the hidden Mickey's after going on the ride one time...but that's what we love about it.

The girls grab this book, look up the ride we are in line for and read the clues as to where the Mickey's will be. They are pretty difficult to find and we are all excited when we do in fact find one.

$10 for making your visit to Disneyland even more fun then it already is...awesome!As you can see the book doesn't just grab the attention of kids. I took advantage of having the book to myself while waiting for the parade to begin. Bret thought it was funny how into the book I looked and snapped a picture.

You can find the book at the main toy shop in Main Street, the toy shop by Small world and the shop in Toon town.


Sarah said...

Awesome tip! I did not know about that book and it would make waiting in line/being at Disneyland even more fun. We are for sure going to have to check that out the next time we're there, I know my girls will love it.

Love that picture of your brightly colored kids in front of the brightly colored tea cups. So cute! Ella's shirt is darling! And so is yours :)

Some day we will get to enjoy Disneyland together! It would be the best!! :)

Kasi Good said...

I personally love the guy in the background of the picture of you ;)

Katie said...


We were at Disneyland last week too! On Thursday.

best weather day I've ever had at the park.

k. novella said...
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