Thursday, March 29, 2012


01.Taking pictures of all the new earrings for my shop is time consuming. Throw in the mix a curious toddler boy and you just might have a yogurt covered raisin in a shot or two instead of an earring.

The shop should be open the first week in April.

02.I can not believe that March is almost over! Looking at the next few months I know it's going to start to get crazy around here.

03.We love the new Disney Junior channel. They are showing old shows that used to play at our house in the early hours of the day (5 A.m.) when Ella and Mailee used to wake up. It's funny to see that both Bret and I still know the theme songs to some of those old shows. Hearing those songs brought back many memories of Iowa.

04.Playing "Draw Something" is so much fun. I always look at the "work of art" I drew and realize the pictures I draw always seem to look better in my mind. I keep my fingers crossed that the other player gets it correct.

05.I discovered that Jonas knows how to open his/Bret's hair pomade.

How might I have discovered that?

I found Jonas hiding in a corner slathering the thick paste on his arms, face and hair, looking mighty pleased with himself.

My attempts in wiping the goop off proved futile, and a mid-day bath happened.

06.I'm getting really good at making awesome train track designs. Make these creations at least three times a day, 7 days a week and you will be awesome at it too.

07.I haven't taken one nibble of my fingernails for the last 3 weeks! That's a feat for me. Trying really hard to break this whole biting-my-nails habit.

08.Anyone else watch "New Girl"? Zoey Deschanel is great in the show but my favorite character is Schmidt. The things he says have me dying every episode.


Meg said...

I love Schmidt! Don't mess with the ecosystem!
What brand pomade do you use? My guys need some new product and it would be the perfect thing to toss in my husband's easter basket. Yes...we're in our 30's and have easter baskets. What can I say? I love me an excuse to get presents!

Lisa and Rustin said...

We LOVE New Girl!
But I swears favorite character changes each episode!

Cute cute earrings!!!

Andra said...

I'm so glad your earrings are back! I've been wanting to get some for a long time. Maggie just got her ears pierced too. She'll love them.

mary elizabeth said...

oh man, we love new girl at our house too! we do love us some schmidt, but we've been loving nick in the last few episodes too! so funny!

Sarah said...

Schmidt steals the show every time. Whoever is writing his lines has to be laughing their head off while doing so.

Hooray for more little lovelies! I want some!! They look so lovely in the bowl. I would like one of each, too, please :)