Thursday, March 22, 2012


1.The scene captured in the photo above is a common one at Disneyland.

Jonas always has Asian fans everywhere we go while at Disneyland. They ask to take their pictures with him, talk to him in line and giggle at his every move.

The little dude eats it up and plays to the crowd.

Yesterday he entertained a large group behind us while we waited for the parade to start.

2.What are you doing at midnight tonight? Me? Well I'm going to be watching "The Hunger Games" and I can't wait!

Tomorrow morning won't be pretty...

3.Have I mentioned before how much I love having grass in our backyard? I send the kids out there and they stay out there (only coming in for supplies they need to carry on their imagination) until 2!

4.I'm not ready for Spring Break to be over. I don't want to even think about having to drive the kids to school and making lunches again soon.

5.Which do you like better? American Idol or The Voice? The Voice is my choice, and not just because I get to see Adam Levine once a week on the show.

6.While we are on the subject of kids have watched their fair share this week. I know this because they can quote some of the repetitive infomercials and sing along with commercials.

I'm so proud.

7.I am almost done photographing all my new earrings for my shop. It takes a lot of time to just get those little lovelies up to the site. For those who have asked the shop will be opening April 1.

You know that I set aside a pair of each new color and flower style for myself...

8.I keep thinking about the amazingly delicious caramel apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory that I plan on inhaling tonight while at the movies.

It's a happy little thought I will have with me today. Apples are healthy, even with layers of milk chocolate, nuts and caramel on top...right?

9.Just found out about another Food truck Festival going on...another happy little thought! Who wants to go with us?

10.Jonas left me one of his Crayola works of art...on the bathroom door. How thoughtful.


Rachel Helgesen said...

The Voice - hands down. Except, I could do without looking at Christina's boobs all night, and that odd plate she wears on her head. Besides that, LOVE it!

Hunger Games - Tuesday. Can't wait.

Heather Johnson-Family Volley said...

Voice for me too. Hubby will even watch it with me. And I totally agree with Rachel, could do without the cleavage and funny hats. :)
I just got back from Hunger Games. Woo Hoo. What did you think?