Thursday, March 08, 2012


1.Ella brought home a few fake spiders for Jonas. Everyone, including Bret, finds it quite fun to hide the stupid things in places I will see it.

I despise spiders.

This morning while dropping the kids off at school I reached for my sunglasses in the car and found this stupid thing!

It gets to me. Every. single. time.

Please bless they grow bored of this game soon. I'm over it.

2.It's been very windy here lately. On Sunday I was wearing a dress that forgot it was a dress and thought it was a kite instead. It flew right up with a gust of wind...we're talking completely up above my waist.

Ella and Mailee laughed hysterically. Jonas thought it was a parachute to hide under like the one he plays with at story time.

I laughed and was mortified right along with the dad and his son in the parking lot who witnessed me in all my glory.

It was the longest walk to the church door, trying to hold my dress down.

3.I think I found my favorite perfume. I have read rave reviews on this perfume and ordered some samples for myself. Every time I have worn it I have been complimented on it. I was afraid it would be too "sweet" for me but it's perfect.

I like the idea of only wearing one or two perfumes so my kids associate that smell with me. I have a smell associated with many people I love.

4.I am getting rid of a TON of my shoes. If you're a size 10 and local let me know if you want to come and look through the pile.

Some are pretty worn and some have been worn once.

My shoes are getting out of control.

5.My little brother is going to be a dad for the first time tomorrow.

I am excited to have another niece and so very excited for my brother and his wife. They will be amazing parents.

Gone are the days when they spoil our kids...sigh.

6.I turn 31 and all of a sudden I'm pulling like 10 gray hairs out. What?!

7.Have you ever had multiple large bruises on your body and can't for the life of you figure out how you got them?

Happens to me all the time.

You should see the few I have at the moment. They must've hurt...I think.

8.Jonas is going to be a "boob man". Whenever he needs comfort he runs to me and places his hand in my cleavage , rests his head against me and all is right with the world.

This makes me laugh and slightly uncomfortable.

9.Ella took $5 that she's saved since her birthday (last July) and spent it at the book fair. What better thing to spend that money on than books right?

When I asked her what books she got she proudly pulled out of her back pack two books. A Phineas and Ferb joke book and a book about Taylor Swift.

I have been quite entertained with the jokes and while listening to "Mean" by Taylor Swift this morning in the car Ella informed me the back story of what the song was about.


Hays said...

i find crazy bruises all the time. it's like i've been sabotaged in my sleep or something.

dying over your little "boob man."

Michelle said...

man oh man I wish you were in SLC.. totally my shoe size! ~sigh~

Jacky {The Sweetest Petunia} said...

It was super windy here on Sunday, too, and I didn't realize it...I wore a wrap skirt. BIG mistake. Fortunately I don't think I flashed anyone {except maybe the hubby}, but anytime I was outside I had to hold my skirt down... ;)

Jo(ke) said...

I'm laughing at the wind story. 2,5 years ago I was in Barcelona, Spain with my mom and as we were walking down the subway stairs all of the sudden there was a draft and my dress went flying. Mortifying as it happens but funny afterwards!