Friday, February 03, 2012

{We got spirit!}

They love school spirit days and so I indulge them.

Do I think when they have a week of crazy hair/sock/sunglasses etc. day(s)for Red Ribbon Week (Say no to drugs!) they will 100% for sure say no to drugs because of their participation? No. Is that why I help them with these spirit days? No.

I help them (begrudgingly) because I want them to feel a part of something positive. To participate and show pride in the school they attend. To have memories of wearing silly things to school and seeing their friends and teachers do it as well.

Despite my complaints about the pointlessness of school spirit days I have come to realize by watching my kids how important they think it is and how happy it makes them.

Everyone needs a little smile and joy in their lives and if that means sending my kids to school with crazy hair and socks then I'm down.

The Grover's have spirit YES WE DO...the Grover's have 'bout you??!

p.s.Notice Jonas in his pj's? He was crying from 1-3 non stop, with an ear ache last night. It was a long night (I chose the wrong night to stay up until 12:30 reading). As I looked at this picture I found his monster pajamas fitting.

Love my little monster!

3 cheers for antibiotics!


Melia said...

Love those kiddos! Mailee's pose kills me...little miss attitude!

brittany said...

My girls love school spirit days. Mostly because they want to win the spirit stick. So cute. Your girls look darling as usual. So sad about Jonas. Hope he feels better soon!

Karalynn said...

Awww... poor baby! I know those nights, ugh! Hang in there, sista! I think it's fun to dress crazy, isn't it great you have an excuse :) and it is GREAT to be part of something memorable and positive :)