Sunday, February 19, 2012

{Sunday Photograph - 49}

Introduced the kids to The Princess Bride. They enjoyed it as much as I did. "There's a shortage of perfect breasts in this world. It would be a pity to damage yours."

Church. Jonas had his first successful nursery time. 3 cheers for that!

Fed the sister missionaries (one who is allergic to pretty much everything). I was nervous I was going to kill her. Herb Marinated pork chops, chopped salad with vinaigrette, rice, fruit salad and Raspberry sorbet floats.

An enjoyable evening with friends playing Ticket to Ride.

Bath/Bed time.

Netflix = Crazy, Stupid, Love.


Marble Madness said...

LOVE TTR!!! (that's what the cool kids are calling it these days) :) From the picture, I see you're just playing the original game. You should get the expansion. It is so much more fun to play because it uses more cities and it isn't anymore complicated than the normal game. (unlike Settlers which I still struggle to get the strategy down on...) Just played it tonight, actually! L.O.V.E it!

Ok. I'm done now. Carry on. :)

emily kate said...

Yay for Jonas! My daughter started going in Oct and only started making it all the way through about a month ago. Such a relief! She still cries when I drop her off but luckily it only lasts a couple of minutes.

Dejah said...

Raspberry Sorbet Floats? Those sound amazing! What all is in that?

brittany said...

Is that the US version of Ticket to Ride? We have Europe and have only played Europe. Do you like the US version? I've heard it's a lot trickier because your tracks get blocked by others really easily and there isn't any way around. Anyway, would love your opinion.

{natalie} said...

we love ticket to ride.

sounds like a great weekend to me. and yay for jonas and nursery!