Sunday, February 12, 2012

{Sunday Photograph - 48}

We finally got around to taking out the cardboard house we got the kids for Christmas.

Seeing as how our last one we got lasted almost 2 years we had been keeping an eye for another one and found one for $10 at Michaels. Score!

Already they've spent hours coloring the house and thinking of ways to use the cardboard creation in many imaginative ways.

Jonas stayed home from church today...hence the reason he is in his pj's still in the picture.

He and Bret had a grand time coloring, playing the Wii and making bread.

Bret's been making bread like crazy lately. The house smells amazing but for this non carb/sugar eater it's been a challenge to say the least. I'm counting down the days until my birthday so I can again indulge in a few tabu foods I've been craving.

I will say, though it's hard sometimes, doing no sugar/carbs makes me feel so much better. More energy, less time being's awesome.

Have I convinced you to give it a go?

We are watching the second Harry Potter movie. Ella is finishing up the book and requested we watch it. It's so much fun to get to talk about one of my favorite series with her.

Tonight for dinner I am making homemade Mac 'n Cheese. It's a favorite in this house. When I told Bret what I was making he said "I can't wait to eat the stuff my dreams are made of". Apparently he digs my Mac 'n Cheese.

It's even better the day after.

Off to grate the cheese...

p.s. Yes, that's a sweater on our dog. If you know me at all you can imagine how NOT happy I am that I paid money for a DOG sweater. I finally gave in when I saw her shivering in the house. Poor dog was cold...and I'm not that cruel. Still...every time I see the dog in the sweater I mumble not so nice things under my breath...


Katie said...

i would love your homemade mac n cheese recipe. sounds delicious!

McKelle said...

Yep...I want the recipe too, AND details on your sugar/carb fast. What exactly are you allowed and not allowed to eat?

Jo(ke) said...

I want Ella's dress in my size. I always love your Sunday posts.

Stephanie said...

I love the Sunday pictures. :-) I don't eat carbs/sugar either. While the weight loss is nice, it's definitely hard when everyone else in the house eats them.