Wednesday, February 01, 2012

{Saturday outing}

"There's always money in the banana stand!" ~ Arrested Development.

We kept quoting lines from AD after that.
Of course the kids preferred the candy shop filled with all sorts of sweets over the frozen bananas.
Soaking up some sun and relaxing. Jonas preferred to lounge in the stroller. After a morning of swimming with Uncle Adam and a belly full of In & Out he was tired.
We all got some sun...and have tan lines to prove it. It was a very warm 82 degrees on Saturday. A very nice perk of living in Southern California.
Walking around with my favorite people.

So many fun little beach shops. We had to stop and get some more turtles made from shells at the shell shop. It's become a tradition.
Love our Saturday outings.

Looking forward to heading to the Food Truck Festival in Palm Springs this weekend. You can bet we'll be trying food from many of the food trucks that were on The Great Food Truck Race on Food Network, as well as many of the other trucks there.

What could be better than food, friends and sun? Here's to another Saturday outing!

*photos taken with Canon A-1 35mm*


Jaime Stephens said...

Theres nothing like Balboa Island and a frozen banana there.. You guys sure have some fun outings!

Ben, Rebecca, Natali, & Isaac said...

LOVE Balboa Island!

{natalie} said...

ahh, i miss the ocean/sun/not cold winter....

ethan tried to go to a food truck festival in AZ a few weeks ago and the lines were so long that they didn't even go in. too bad, seems like a fun idea. i hope you get to eat at lots of cool ones.

Karalynn Schneck said...

I love your ideas! I especially love the well-taken, high quality photos! Wish I knew enough to do that for us, for me, I take pictures all the time, but it's pretty much point and shoot and try to get the settings right enough to see what's going on :( Anyway, your pictures are so lovely :)