Monday, February 13, 2012

{No. 167}

A little red and pink hues in this weeks MPM in honor of Valentine's Day.

1.This Ikat print top is so soft and the print is beautiful. It is a great addition to my wardrobe and would be to yours too!

2.I've been meaning to write about this amazing product. I'm a bit obsessed about it. Dior's Lip Glow goes on silky smooth and lasts a long time, but the best part about it is the way it responds to your own chemistry on your lips and makes the perfect shade of pink for your skin color.

I was skeptical at first since the color goes on glossy clear but after five minutes or so my lips had a great natural pink color that lasted hours.

Try it out...and thank me later.

3.Every time I look at these shoes I swoon. The colors, the small heel and the woven detail on the front are all so beautiful. If only the price was just as beautiful they'd be mine...

4.Still a favorite poster of mine. Bret bought this print for me about four years ago for Valentine's day. I love it.

5.These gold cupid's arrow earrings are fun. I'm wearing more and more gold these days. Who knew I'd start to like (even border love) gold so much?

6.The best cupcake mix out there in my opinion. If you can't do homemade then this is the mix to get, and to be honest a lot of homemade cupcakes I've tasted aren't as good as this mix.

My favorite are pictured: red velvet and vanilla.

7.Just added this crinkle maxi skirt to my wardrobe. It's comfortable like a maxi should be and of course you don't have to worry about it looking wrinkled.

8.These shirts are such a great basic. Jazz them up with accessories and you're good to go.

9.These are a blast from the past! I want one so bad! Scented brushes leave a subtle fruity scent behind. My girls would go bonkers for these.

*All items can be found on my Pinterest boards*


Jo(ke) said...

That maxi skirt is beautiful. I saw you posted it on Facebook the other day. Why are maxi skirts and dresses impossible to find over here?

Grant said...

Just ordered some dior lip glow! Can't wait to try it out.


Grant said...

Oops...this is Jessie Pennington...not my hubby Grant.

I'd be worried if Grant wore lipgloss