Tuesday, February 07, 2012


Food trucks remind me of Tahiti. Down on the ocean front where the cruise liners dock there are always truck filled with amazing food. It's one of my favorite places to eat every time we visit.

Saturday we headed to Palm Springs with some friends for the Food Truck Festival. Bret had been looking forward to this day for weeks and planned on eating until he could eat no more...which is exactly what he did.

We love watching the show The Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network channel. The food always looks amazing, so when we found out about 7 of the trucks from that show were going to be there we knew we had to be there too.The trucks at the festival didn't disappoint and many of the trucks that were there had been ones that we were cheering for while watching the show.

I know this will be an overload of food pictures, but I just had to document the delicious food we ate!

First up was Crepes Bonaparte. One of the three that were on my list of must try's.What we ordered: Strawberry Nutella dessert crepe with Chantilly creme. The crepe was the perfect thinness, the strawberries just borderline tart and what isn't to like about Nutella?Next, Grill 'Em All...the Winner of The Great Food Truck Race. This was the one Bret had at the top of his list. What we ordered: The Bleu Cheer Burger. A HUGE all beef patty, cranberry gastrique, massive amounts of tangy blue cheese and potato chips (muncho's).There was also the Behemoth. Two grilled cheese sandwiches used as bun, beer soaked onion rings, bacon, cheddar cheese and BBQ sauce.We then headed on over to another truck that we cheered for on the show, Nom Nom.What we ordered: A Banh Mi sandwich. A fresh baguette with perfect crispy crust, freshly chopped cilantro, sweet tangy daikon radishes and carrots, grilled pork with honey glaze, thinly sliced fresh cucumbers and spicy jalapenos for an extra kick.

It was everything we imagined it would be and MORE!The kids wanted something sweet so we headed over to a dessert truck.What we ordered: Homemade whoopie pies and CHOCOLATE COVERED BACON.

The Whoopie pies were okay...I actually thought mine taste better. The chocolate covered bacon was a hit though!By this time we were feeling pretty full. Our friends told me I just HAD to taste the fries from Fry Smith's food truck. They had noshed on them while waiting to meet up with us.

Fries...yes please!What we ordered: Rajas Fries - Fire-roasted poblano chiles, caramelized onions and shawarma-marinated steak with Jack cheese and lime.

This was my personal favorite for the day. My mouth waters when I think about it! Good thing it's local and I can feed my cravings pretty easily.We all were feeling like we had reached our capacity and started to head towards the exit. The kids wanted to make one more stop for some cupcakes and sushi.

The cupcakes were from a truck that had won on Cupcake Wars. The girls wanted their cookies 'n creme cupcake. Though I wanted to give it a taste I just couldn't bring myself to eating one more thing.Bret ate a cupcake AND some sushi to end the day.We all left happy with our bellies full of delicious food.I can't wait to see when another festival will be happening.

Anyone care to join us next time?

p.s.The people watching was at an all time high at the festival. Large ladies covered in gold sequined ponchos, men with rat tails, Asians with knee high pantyhose and daisy dukes, hipsters and a lot of plastic surgery could be spotted.

I did in fact take pictures of many, but this one was my favorite. Check out the 'staches!*For those wondering, I did allow myself to take a day hiatus from the no sugar/no carbs I'm doing until my birthday. It was beyond worth it!!


Melia said...

Bret ate food with cilantro? Must have been too good to pass up. Looks delicious!

Debbi said...

This looks like so much fun...and so yummy! We love the food truck race. I wish we could go with you!

Hays said...

oh i we were still close i would so be there in a heartbeat!

Ben, Rebecca, Natali, & Isaac said...

Those fries look out of this world! Right up my alley. And I know the hub would have been all over the bacon covered in chocolate. Assuming this venue travels...wonder if they'll be head our way?

moo said...

I am TOTALLY IN next time! Oh Behemoth!

Meg said...

I love food trucks like a fat kid loves cake!
Mmmm cake.

Taco trucks are like a siren call. I hear you roach coaches! I am coming!

{Erica} said...

Melia- yes Bret did eat the cilantro..he wanted to taste it how it was supposed to be. Although he did tell them to go LIGHT on the green stuff :) I was as surprised as you!

emily kate said...

This would be right up our alley. We fell in love with food trucks in NYC and now try and find them in Vegas when we can. There's a monthly food truck festival here but it's not nearly as cool as this!

Sarah said...

Um, YUM! What a yummy adventure! Those rajas fries look unbelievable.

whitneyingram said...


Christi's Chirps said...

Great photos! You've captured such a fun day so well! Your family is beautiful. It looks like you guys enjoyed so much delicious food!!

Happy Wednesday!

Lauren Smith said...

Oh how I love those food trucks! I miss those from Tahiti. Looks like so much fun!