Tuesday, February 28, 2012


1.We have 3 inches of snow in our backyard right now. Last week I wrote about my first tan line of the year and this week I'm writing about snow.

I made my girls wear their lady bug rain boots to school. Last year they thought it was cool, this year Ella was self conscious and didn't want to wear them.

"You'll thank me when your feet stay warm and cozy". Woah...I sound like...like...an adult! Crap. I turn 31 and all of a sudden I'm spouting off lines that I thought I would never say.

She will be thanking me though. Mark my cliched words.

2.Is it okay to have matching toe and finger nail polish colors? I have my own opinion on this but interested to know what you think.

3.I made some Lemon Zinger tea last night and noticed Mailee watching me with a look of disgust on her face.

I asked her if she wanted a sip and she cringed. I told her that it tastes just like lemonade.

"No it doesn't! I know that it tastes like hot Gerbil! You love to drink your Gerbil tea don't you?!"

No, I don't like drinking warm rodent tea. I do love a hot cup of herbal tea though.

4.I've started looking for good airfare deals to Iowa in May. What is your favorite website to find cheap tickets?

Also, if you're in the Des Moines area and want pictures email me and I can open up a few more spots.

5.If you're watching The Voice I'm sure you've noticed the same thing I have. Someone needs to tell Christina Aguilera that she needs to cover up her veiny boobs. They are so distracting...and not in a good way.

6.Tomorrow we are heading to Disneyland for a couple of days. The first day I will be without Bret. My kids are pretty good kids, but I'm going to be honest, I am not looking forward to the day when I'm flying solo.

We tag team sometimes on who gets to be calm and rational when it comes to the kids and stressful situations. Knowing that he won't be there for me to tag when I need a break is something I'm trying my hardest not to think about.

7.I am now a proud owner of a Kindle Fire. Do you have a Kindle. Want to loan me a book? I'll loan you one of the two I currently own...ha!

Any tips from my fellow Kindle owners?


Knit and Purl Mama said...

What kind of books do you like to read? Any books or authors you are coveting. Email me (email attached to my profile) and let me know! I use the kindle app to read and have some books I can share ;)

Melia said...

Gerbil tea! Mailee is a crackup! Have fun at Dland. Wish I was there with you and we could trade off. You would have both Ellie and I to help out. Hmmmm, that is a really good idea to me.

Kristan said...

Mailee is freaking hilarious!!

Dude. The Voice. Christina's boobs are disgusting!! I am waiting for one to pop out every time I watch that show.

Melanie said...

I don't like the polishes to match. That's my personal opinion.

Mailee cracks me up.

Funny that you have snow in California and it's mid- 60's here today in DC. Weird.

Lynn said...

I think no on the matching nail polishes. I don't know why though. Seems so 90's maybe.

Meg said...

chrstina's boobs are nast. I can handle her over bleached hair, but the boobs + weird boob necklaces just make me itch. Doesn't it bother her to have something hanging in her cleavage? gross.

Ben, Rebecca, Natali, & Isaac said...

Never thought about the whole matching nail polish thing before. Crap! Maybe I've unknowingly broken some nail polish rule. I don't think I have ever tried to "match" on purpose. So I am guessing the correct answer is...No, do not match polishes. Please enlighten!!!

Rochelle said...

The boobs are gross.

You can get tons of old classics for free on the kindle. Just search for freek books and it will bring up dozens.

allison said...

loved the Gerbil Tea.

Terra May said...

Search for Ereader on Facebook and it gives you a few free books every day. Some of them are pretty good.