Thursday, February 23, 2012


1.Ben the Bachelor looks like Francine from the show Arthur and Friends (or the books) who uses a really cheap hair straightener.

I had to pause the show and capture proof. See. I speak the truth.

2.Today is Ella's second grade performance. At this point I have the whole script memorized so if Ella or any of the other children forget their lines I might just shout it out for them.

3.All I can think about, it seems, is my birthday cake. I love cake, and birthday cake is even better. Sunday can't come soon enough.

4.Ella reminded me this morning that I will be turning 31. Gah! I need no reminders about how old I'm going to be. Thank you very much.

5.Picked up our passport renewal forms the other day. Did you know it costs a pretty penny to renew that sucker? Here's to travel!

6.Jonas is way into saying prayers. They consist of pointing to each family member and saying "Thank you", pointing to his binkie and saying "Thank you", pointing to the sky and saying "Thank you" as well as saying "Thank you" for everything else in his sight. Then he follows up with a hearty "May-men!!" (amen).

I think I'll keep him.

7.I found a stash of birthday gifts. They are in bags but I could just take a peak? Tempting...oh so tempting.

8.Company is coming. This is motivation to clean my house.

9.Yesterday while reading outside I got a tan line. The first of the year. In February. Thank you Southern California.

Gas here is $4.33...I take back my Thank you!

10.This time last year I was living it up in New York City with my best friend celebrating my 30th birthday. I find myself texting my best friend through out the day telling her where we were at this exact time last year, what we ate and what Broadway show we were going to watch that night.

I love New York and must go back soon.


whitneyingram said...

PASSPORTS!!!??? Where are you guys off to?

{natalie} said...

i love your bits posts. (do i say that every time?)

what kind of cake are you having for your birthday?

i have no will power if i've found gifts. i must peek. it's sad.

i am jealous of your tan but i was outside reading yesterday so i guess it's even. today is cold though.

Vivian Campbell said...

He does look like Francine! HAHA

{Erica} said...

Whitney - we are planning a trip to Spain in October (just Bret and I). Wanna come and watch my kids? That's the only thing I need to figure out.

Tiffany Tolman said...

Gas here is $4.37. Good bye Iowa Corn subsidies.

Amy Wysocki said...

Erica, I won't come watch the kids, but I will come with you and Bret to Spain.. ;-)

Lynn said...

I had seen somewhere that Josh Gorbin said that he and Rafael Nadal had had a love child and that he was looking for love on ABC and they wished him the best. But Francine, yes, as well.

Heather Perry said...