Thursday, February 02, 2012


1.Mailee has a boyfriend. She insists she keeps telling him that they can just be friends and that she's too young but he continues with "the eyes". This video was recorded at the end of December when he first confessed his love. Apparently the love notes and expressions of love have become a daily thing.

My voice sounds like a man because I had a cold at the time. When I don't have a cold it sounds more like a prepubescent male.

02.Not a fan of the timeline on Facebook. Maybe I'll start to like it soon but I'm just so confused as to how it works. I'm not interested in knowing what I wrote in 2008. Why?!

03.Balloons give me at least an hour of free time. I aways have a garbage bag of balloons in the closet. Just knowing it can buy me some time helps me mentally.

04.Adam Levine

05.Shall I even start to talk about Courtney on the Bachelor? "Winning...".

06.February is here and that means BIRTHDAY month!! I think this birthday will be more difficult than last. I turned 30 (dirty 30 WHOOP!) last year but knowing that I'm turning 31 just really hits hard. It's officially official that I'm in my 30's and not just barely. UGh.

07.Hello tax return...goodbye tax return.

08.Watching Ella attempt to break dance makes me uncomfortable. The jerking and the facial expressions are just too much.

She gets her moves from her dad for sure!

09..When Jonas doesn't feel good due to teething or "other" even his mohawk is deflated.

10.Why can't Peter Pan's shadow come and take Punxsutawney Phil's shadow away? That would solve this whole 6 more weeks of Winter. Wait...I live in Southern California...why do I care?!


Hays said...

she is so darn cute. love the eyebrows. haha.

Debbi said...

Not sure what I think of the timeline either...except I found some awesome conversation you and I had back in 2007. It was cracking me up! Love your bits.

Paola said...

The video was so cute! And you do not have a male voice! I think it's a very pretty, raspy, radio like voice. Have a great weekend!

mary elizabeth said...

that video, oh my goodness -- the cuteness is killing me!!

Sarah said...

I am dying, what a cutie! The eyebrows kill me :)

PS - I think Kate and Mailee would get along soooo well :)