Thursday, February 09, 2012


01.Everyone is always tired after lunch. Some day Bret takes a short nap while the kids poke his face and body. This usually results in Bret sitting up, turning on a show for distraction and attempts to fall asleep sitting up.

It's pretty entertaining for me to watch his head nod up and down as he "sleeps". I tell him to go upstairs but he insists he is sleeping and wants to hold the kids.

I personally would never count that as a nap...

02.Once a month or so I take out the Project Runway design kits we have and it's like Christmas again. Hours are spent dreaming up 2012 Spring lines for ladies and dogs. Fancy names are assigned to new shoe creations.

One of the most used "toys" at our house. Wonderful investment.

03.I had a very vivid dream where I was playing soccer. So vivid that I kicked Bret pretty hard while yelling "YEEEEES!" as I made the penalty kick.

It still makes me happy now when I think about it. I'm not sure Bret feels the same way.

04.I read the book "The Gas We Pass" to the kids after baths last night. Jonas thought it was hilarious and kept saying "Ewwwww poop!" every time we turned the page and then proceeded to laugh like it was the funniest thing in the world.

This morning he found the book and is flipping through the pages and giggling while I type.

He is his fathers son.

05.I somehow managed to get Bret to agree to go and watch The Vow with me on Valentine's day. I'm pretty sure he just agreed to it because he thinks I'll be in a "loving" mood after watching it...but whatever the reason I still won't believe that he is going to watch that movie with me until we are in the theater.

I already made him promise not to make any sarcastic remarks during the movie...unless it's super cheesy, then we will both be making them.

06.Ella has the lead role in her second grade program coming up. We all have her lines memorized, along with all the songs.

There's nothing like a good rendition of "John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt" over and over again throughout the day.

07.President's day is coming up. The kids have the Friday before and then Monday off. Anyone want to come visit?

I can promise you good weather, good food and if you're really nice I'll even sing you some show tunes?

08.Saturday we have a church primary activity (primary is for kids ages 3-11). Bret is going to be David (David and Goliath). I asked him what he was going to wear.

A brown towel for his skirt, my wide braided belt, brown sandals, a tan shirt and a head band and sling shot for his accessories.

If the rock doesn't kill Goliath perhaps his fashion sense will.

09.I've got some iTunes gift cards to burn. Give me your top song you've been listening to on repeat currently please!


Melia said...

Jonas looks so grown up.

When is Ella's program?

Sounds like your activity will be awesome.

I love your Thursday posts!

Hays said...

Gotye: Somebody That I Used to Know

{Erica} said...

Hayley - we've got that song on constantly. I almost prefer to cover that Walk Off the Earth does better than Gotye. Have you heard it?

Melia said...

Do you also have the book Everyone Poops? Jonas would get a kick out of that one too.

Hays said...

Yeah I have. It's got more punch to it. Amazing.

I guess I'll have to think of something else for ya. ;)

Tanis said...

In my arms by Plumb
Let it rain - David Nail
Hooked by Mayer Hawthorne

They are all over the place genre wise, but I love it all!

Ps- your husband is such a great dad! Does he have a single brother ;)

Sarah said...

Please tell me you took a picture of Bret dressed as David. What an awesome dad. And awesome husband for going to see the vow with you. Christian would completely ruin it with his eye rolling so he is not invited ;) Girl's night it is.

Also completely obsessed with Somebody That I Used To Know. Beautiful song.

Another current obsession? Downton Abbey. Love me a good british period drama. Christian says it's totally like a telenovela british style. Ha!

Heather Perry said...

Paradise by Coldplay