Sunday, January 15, 2012

{Sunday Photographs- 44}

We played Mario Party 8 tonight with the kids. I won. I rubbed it in by asking the girls if they remembered who won. It's rare for me to win so I just had to.

I made Gyoza (potstickers) for dinner tonight. They were good. What wasn't good...the smell of cabbage in my house the rest of the night.

Bret takes the kids up every night...yes...every night and does bath time. Okay so not really Ella since she goes up first and showers on her own, but still, I sit and play Plants vs. Zombies or surf the net or eat chocolate bon-bons (not really ...more like chocolate chips straight from the bag, unless of course I'm on my sugar fast like I am currently then I just dream about chocolate), while he bathes and washes hair. He dresses them and then calls me up for prayer. He's a keeper.

Wanna know what else he does every night? He reads to them. Occasionally they ask for me to read to them but usually it's their time with Dad. I love to hear the voices he uses and the giggles from the kids.

Few things are sexier than a man with his kids.


Marble Madness said...

Hershey's sugar-free chocolate chips at Wal-mart... just sayin' :)

Songbook said...

This is so cute Erica, I love the kid's room, and yes, I agree. fatherhood is totally sexy.

Sarah said...

Soooo jealous of Bret doing bed time.

I agree, fatherhood done right is dang sexy :)