Sunday, January 08, 2012

{Sunday Photographs - 43}

Hello sunshine in January! With church later on in the day the morning was filled with Mary Poppins, colored pencils, sunshine in the backyard and grass stains on church clothes.

I've really enjoyed looking back at the Sunday photos from last year. It's bitter sweet to see how much my littles have grown.

As I looked at the pictures taken almost every Sunday in 2011 I am so glad to have this picture timeline of them.

Here's to another year of Sunday Photographs!


William said...

I am glad you do this. It takes time but I am glad I kept the videos and photos of you kids growing up. I look at them every day in some format. Keep it up! The yard looks great too!

Love ya,


Sol said...

Your girls have lovely hair. I wish I could grow mine like that. it is too thin.

Adore the dresses as well. you have such an eye for them. Do you make them?