Monday, January 23, 2012

{A Fortunate New Year}

Did you know that I am 1/4 Chinese? Well I am and proud of it!

Today is Chinese New Year! A benefit of celebrating this holiday is knowing that should you have already failed miserably at any resolutions/goals on Jan 1st you can always start over now!

This morning we opened up some fortune cookies and I thought I'd share the fortunes we got and expand a bit as to why we hope these all truly happen.I have a few dreams that seem to play on a constant dream loop.

Here's a couple recent ones that keep coming back:

In one dream Zombies/dinosaurs/"bad guys" are slowly making their way up Oakmont lane (my house growing up/parents current residence). We are stuck in the house, watching them get closer and closer knowing that I am the only one that can protect my family. Then I go all Power Ranger on the bad guys and all is well.

Okay so maybe we're hoping this one doesn't come to fruition, or...maybe it's my destiny to be the next Power Ranger...who knows?!

The second dream has me living somewhere beautiful, sometimes it's tropical but most times it's more like Utah looking.

I own and run my own herb/floral shop and have a VW bus which I drive and deliver flowers to make people happy. I also own a bed and breakfast.

This would be one that I'd be totally down with happening in real life! How ironic is that every day for the last while I've been entering to win the HGTV Dream Home located in Midway, Utah?!!

I have only been using the power of The Secret, and occasionally The Force, to win this prize but now that my fortune cookie from the La Choy box purchased at Stater Brothers said so I just know it's going to happen.

I am stoked! Better start packing now!!WHAT??!! It's gotta be The Secret for sure right? I mean TWO fortunes that indicated our win for the HGTV Dream's meant to be. Maybe trying to brush up on my Padawan skills of utilizing The Force also played a part...who knows. All I know is that house is mine...all MINE!!

Gun Hei Fat Choy (Happy New Year) indeed!!!

p.s.Tonight we will be celebrating the Year of the Dragon with some friends.

These yummy (and healthy) egg rolls, lemon chicken, orange chicken and fried rice are on the menu.

Sparklers will bet lit, bubbly will be used to toast and more fortune cookies will be cracked open.

Here's to hoping more good fortunes come our (and your) way!!

*I was born in the year of the Rooster. Ironically it pairs well with the Snake which is Bret. To find your Chinese Zodiac sign and element click {HERE}*


Leilani G said...

What recipe do you use for lemon chicken and orange chicken? I have loved every recipe I've tried of yours. I need more :)

I thought of you this morning when I realized it was Chinese New Year. Love you and Happy New Year!

A Different Drum said...
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A Different Drum said...

Wow, if you don't win the Dream House I will never eat another fortune cookie in my life!

Happy New Year!