Wednesday, January 18, 2012

{My Boy}

Boys are busy. It's not 100% a fact but pretty close from what I've observed. Jonas is no exception. He's a tornado of toys, car noises, crayons and appetite.His obsession with Disney Cars, trains, and Star Wars is growing on a daily basis.

I know I've said this before but I am pretty sure all boys are born with the ability to make awesome noises. Ask me to make the sound a helicopter makes and it ends up sounding like a wounded hippo, but Jonas, at 11 months had it down.A coloring book and crayons are out during all waking hours. I can not tell you how many times a day he goes up and down on at the table to add a few more scribbles before running back to dump out the bin of toys I just picked up.

He's the first child of mine to ever color on anything other than paper. I thought we had nipped the whole coloring thing in the bud after a trail of crayon was discovered on our wood floors, until the other day when I was dusting and discovered one whole shelf of the entertainment center had been tagged.

Sigh.He's got such an appetite. We call him "Chubba" all the time but honestly the little guy isn't so chubby anymore. He's the same weight now that he was at 9 months (yeah...he was in fact chubby then), but he's so darn tall!

If this is any sort of foreshadowing of what his appetite will be as a teenager...better start saving!

Favorite current snacks/foods include Veggie Straws, yogurt covered rasins, mini marshmallows, bananas, strawberries, dill pickles, Colby jack cheese, fruit snacks, grapes, clementines, pretzel sticks, chicken quesadillas, PB&J (first kid to like this), pot stickers and waffles.He's been known to throw some pretty awesome tantrums on occasion but usually he's a good listener.

All he has to do is to stick out his little lip and he's got you in his sticky fingered grip. He's got that look down for sure!

Busy and crazy as this boy may be he's so much fun and loves me so much. He's way more into me then the girls were at this age and I love it.

I sure do love my boy.


Melia said...

Love that boy too! He sounds just like my boys....BUSY!

Sarah said...

ADORABLE. Such a cute little boy. And he sounds a LOT like my little boy. It is so fun to see how different, and how much a boy they just are, right from the start :)

Anonymous said...

He always smells of syrup and pretzels! Ha ha ha ha.


Karalynn said...

You have SUCH a way with words! He's awesome and you're a fabulous mom, I can tell!

Debbi said...

I absolutely adore this post! Jonas is such a stud. Wade is always saying he is glad we have Avery so we have something different in the mix, probably the same way you feel. Isn't it fun?

I love all the McQueens!

And that pouty lip gets me too...and I've never had the chance to meet him!

Lisa and Rustin said...

He is so so darn CUTE!
Jonas and Blake would be great buddies!! Blake is soooo obsessed with "Keen!"

Meg said...

that pouty lip is absolutely delicious!