Thursday, January 26, 2012


01.Having almost 4 hours in the morning with just my little guy has been great. It's so fun to see him learn and get to know his little personality.

He takes a lot of breaks from dancing to The Wiggles and playing with his cars and trains to give me kisses and pats on my back. Sometimes he even says "I wuv youuuu".

Then of course I can do nothing but kiss is oh so kissable cheeks and tickle him so I can hear his low little chortle.

02.What is the point of kidz bop music? Why not let them hear the real artist? I don't get it.

03.After getting texts and emails from friends and even a few strangers insisting I should NOT cut my hair...ever...I have decided to keep it long. Feel free to text me with how happy you are that I listened to you.

04.Lately Jonas' nickname has gone from "Juice" to "Boogs" due to the large amount of snot that comes from his nose for the last 2 weeks. Halfway through the day my shirt looks like a snail slithered all over it and I have to go change.

05.We are having unseasonably warm weather here for the next few days (upper 70's - mid 80's). I have plans to spend more time out in the sun with my book. It makes me so very happy.

06.Remember when I wrote about Jonas saying "fork"? Well we giggle also when he tells Ruby the dog to "sit"!

07.A 16 foot great white shark was spotted in San Diego yesterday. Sharks me no likey!

08.I think Anthony the blue Wiggle is the better looking of the bunch. Captain Feathersword is a close second just because he's a pirate...Arrrgh!

I also think I've been watching way too many Wiggles for the past 7.5 years.

09. I keep a running list of things my kids say. Here's one that was said yesterday.

"Mailee wanted to put a Wii game in and play after eating lunch. This is how she asked. "Mom, can I put the Dora game in the Wii's crotch and play?".

I had her repeat just to make sure I got what she said and then had her show me what she was referring to. She pointed to the disc opening on the Wii console.

I then proceeded to give her a better way to ask...and then laughed as I texted family and friends with what she just said.

I am still wondering where she learned that word as well as what else she thinks has the same "anatomy" as the Wii.

10. Seriously considering going to mechanic school. Do you know how much money we could save if I knew how to fix our cars?


jen@odbt said...

Don't know if you heard but the original yellow Wiggle "Greg" is coming back! Not sure if your kids are old enough to remember him. We lived the Wiggles for many years and I kind of miss them in our lives.

{Erica} said...

We loved Greg! The Wiggles just haven't been the same since Sam came in.

p.s. How sad is that I know all this info on the wiggles?

I admit to even watching a documentary on them.

Jo(ke) said...

I am one of those strangers who thinks you shouldn't cut off your hair. Why mess with something that works? And I really like that picture of you and your son.

Tanis said...

Love Anthony! I took my daughter to a Wiggles concert for her birthday and I got a little star struck when he came out into the audience and sat in the row in front of us- He is definitely the best looking!!

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh I am dying over the 'crotch' story - that is hilarious!!! Thanks for sharing - totally made my day! :)

Sarah said...

So agree with kidz bop. Do not get it.

So glad you're keeping your hair as is. Why mess with perfection?? :)

{natalie} said...

1. you have awesome long hair. keep it.

2. kade told me the other day, " mom, i'm as smart as hell." hmm don't know where that came from. the crotch thing is HILARIOUS>

3. ohh the wiggles, glad those days are over.

4. i'm jealous of your weather but we've had a mild winter so i'm not complaining.

5. ps i shared your FB photo with some friends and we couldn't stop giggling.

6. Your number got deleted when we got a new phone update (send it to me if you want!!) , i keep thinking i should text you and tell you i've been loving lenka lately. thanks for the tip (i think you posted about her once or something, or maybe on your sidebar)