Thursday, January 19, 2012


{phone picture taken at Beacon Beach, Encinitas, CA}

01.Last night while reviewing the day with Bret we both waxed emotional when we realized our kids are getting so big and there's nothing we can do about it. We are almost out of the "Princess phase" and more into Selena Gomez and Good Luck Charlie stuff. It really made us want to take the kids out of school and just enjoy them all day everyday with where they are at right now and do as much adventuring as possible.

Must enjoy this time with our Littles NOW!

02.Yesterday I had the urge to purge all the closets and drawers of the clothes inside and get rid of them all. Maybe it's because it was laundry day and I couldn't get into doing the massive amounts of laundry washing, clothes folding/putting away...or was totally because it was laundry day.

Anyone else out there obsessive about how their clothes are folded? I think working at Gap made me this way. I must have all shirts board folded even when I know they will be messed up the next morning.

I know. I am nuts.

03.I've started playing basketball again and really enjoying it. What I am not enjoying so much is how keenly aware I am that my bladder muscle isn't what it once was...if you catch my drift.

04.I caved and read the spoilers for The Bachelor. I am not happy. I am also not happy about Ben's caveman look. His stringy long locks are killing me and his smacking noises he makes when he kisses every.single.girl is sooo McNasty!

Nothing wrong with a little mindless T.V every once in a while in my opinion. It makes me so happy to be where I am at when I see these women who are my age on that show.

I think Bret secretly likes that I watch it too because it also makes me realize how awesome he is and I tell him so.

05.2 weeks going strong with no sugar. I am not going to lie...this time around I am having a hard time not having sugar but then I think of how great I feel and I push through those sugary thoughts.

I do know that when I end this sugar (and carbs) fast on my birthday I am going to have the biggest slice of birthday cake EVER!

06.My license is about to expire so I made an appointment with the local DMV to get a California license (finally). I am not looking forward to the long line I will be in (yes even if you make an appointment there is a line) or the fact that I have to take the written test again.

I am looking forward to a new picture on my license, since the current license picture makes me cringe and laugh at the same time. It's pretty bad.

07.We think it's pretty funny when we hear Jonas ask for a fork. He's 19 months and "fork" is a difficult word to get right. The way he says it sounds like another four letter F word.

08.Every 2 weeks I get an $8 bunch of flowers from Costco. I love having a vase of fresh flowers on our table. The flowers look great for the full two weeks usually, unless Jonas gets to them...

09.I had a dream last night that involved Hans Solo, giant spiders, playing in a soccer game and cream of wheat. Interpret that now will you?

10.Cut my hair to my shoulders or keep it long? Full on bangs or no bangs?


whitneyingram said...

I am weird about my folding our clothing just so because I think homemaking is a lost art. Once, many years ago, my old grandma offered to help fold my laundry. Her old, arthritic hands folded our laundry so daintily and "just so". From that moment on, I try and put my mark on all our house work.

Having said that- I WORKED AT THE GAP TOO! It was my first job. While I don't board fold shirts, I do correctly fold pants. And whenever I go out shopping, I make sure I refold clothing the right way, so I am not "one of those" shoppers.

{Erica} said...

Whitney - YES!! I do the same thing with the pants. Heaven forbid I end up being "one of those" shoppers.

Melanie said...

One cure for your kids getting to big is to have another ;)

I worked at the GAP too! I have the folding but I rarely use them as it's depressing how quick they get messed up (like within hours). I'm impressed you do it.

Bachelor is lame the season. But did you hear that Emily is the next Bachelorette. Hurray!

Judy said...

Lilah says 'clock' like another 'bad' word lol. 'Those shoppers' are my pet peeve too! I have to at least try to board fold the shirts even when I'm in a hurry. I hang our clothes in closets in specific ways. To give you an idea, I organize all my tops by color and bottoms by type. Pajamas go board folded in the dresser drawers and shoes are organized by type on shelves and such. Well, my dear grandma, bless her soul, hangs up my daughter's pajama shirts on the same hangers with other shirts (two or more 'smushed' (?) onto a single hanger). She also puts some of Lilah's lightly used socks back in the drawer with the clean ones. Oh boy...OCD much lol

{Erica} said...

Melanie - we are done in the baby department. 100% sure we are done.

Judy - I also organize my clothes by color, jeans by type and wash. I don't do the shoes like you though...they are just in a massive pile on my closet floor...oh well!

Katie said...

I have to board fold my shirts too, I'm pretty sure I get that from my mom. It's such an obsession of mine that when my Uncle Curt got married, Becky was helping him move out and folding all his clothes wrong. I began hysterically crying and telling him he couldn't marry her because she was folding his clothes wrong, and I was only 9! I can't stand how Brian folds clothes, so I don't let him.

Anne-Marie said...

I say leave the locks. You look amazing.

The Perry Family said...

Amen to Ben's hair and double AMEN to who the result supposedly is!!! Can't stand that chick!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. curt and i had no idea about katie. to this day curt board folds his shirts and i fold them differently. curt isnt allowed to wash or FOLD the laundry ! :).It drives me crazy ! I am sure he doesnt mind not having to worry about it. Sorry skate, i had no idea!

Jo(ke) said...

Keep your hair long. No bangs. :)

Sarah said...

I feel the exact same way about my kids. Exactly. Love the new stages, but it is so sad to see the old ones go.

Also, Blaine says "truck" with a little lisp that makes it sound terrible... and kind of funny at the same time. When we flew to Canada we had to put Lightning McQUeen and Mac in Christian's bag to put it through security and the whole time Blaine was screaming for his "truck". So loudly. It was hysterical and totally embarrassing at the the same time. I wanted to explain that he says an Fw in place of a Tr but mostly I think we just looked like "those parents". Ha.

Not watching the Bachelor this season. Just couldn't do it with the caveman.

Keep the hair long, side bangs, if you want them, but not full. I've seen it go horribly wrong on a couple friends recently. Looks so cute on some, but not on most, in my opinion. But the good news is that they grow out and you can pin them back until they do if you want to try them out :)