Thursday, January 12, 2012


01.Looking forward to a Mommy-daughter date with Miss Mailee. I've been feeling lately that she needs some one on one attention from me.

She's got our date planned, manicures and frozen yogurt. She even has outfits picked out for the both of us.

02.Tomorrow is Friday the 13th. It's Bret's favorite day and favorite number. It just so happens he has the day off as well.

03.We found out last night that our little family is going to be "models" for a Blue Lilly photography workshop down in Encinatas tomorrow. I'm excited to see how they teach. Friday the 13th has proven to always be a lucky day indeed for us.

04.Yesterday I witnessed Jonas feeding Ruby (our dog) his hotdog and cheese cubes...from his mouth. Later on that day he was sharing his snacks with her the same way. Man's best friend...

05.Have you ever been punched/elbowed/jabbed in the face by your spouse in bed? It happens a lot here. Last night it was me who was on the receiving end. He claims he was reaching over to kiss me good night...I say he just wanted to make sure I didn't sing any show tunes to him like the night before.

Lucky for him (?) I'm a tough bird and the show tunes still happened.

06.Thanks to the Book It! program at school we have been to Pizza Hut more in the last 2 months then we have in the last year.

Whatever happened to LeVar Burton?

07.I requested Ellen show tickets again. We'll see if I get them this time. Maybe I should've waited until tomorrow, you know, it being lucky 13 and all. Crap!

08.I get to play personal shopper with a friend here on Saturday. I'm so excited to live vicariously through her while she shops up a storm. Okay, lets be honest, I'll probably buy a few things for myself, but it's always more fun to spend other people's money.

09.Introduced Pretty Fly For A White Guy by The Offspring to my kids the other night during our dance party (oh the memories!). They made me play it five times in a row! Funny that they noticed the white dude in the song wanted a number 13 tattooed on him and now they call the song Daddy's song.

They also have been heard singing around the house "Give it to me baby! Uh-huh, uh-huh!"


Cassie and Mitch said...

gorgeous pic!

McKelle said...

All of those things sound like fun! Girls night, Ellen, shopping! lucky! 13 is a great number. Two of my kids birthdays are on the 13th. Pierce's birthday is tomorrow!

Hays said...

i'll never forget just after a year of marriage i was jabbed in the back with an elbow.

he was fighting bad guys and feels it was totally justifiable. i didn't sleep so easy for a while after that.

have fun tonight - and tomorrow!!

Sarah said...

13 is my favorite number too! Friday the 13ths really are the best days. Bret knows whats up :) I am sure today is going to be awesome for you guys! Sooo excited for your Blue Lily experience!

Sounds like you guys have some awesome things going on, I'll keep my fingers crossed for Ellen tickets for you. How fun!

I will always remember being woken up by a sharp elbow to my eye only a few months into our marriage. Christian had no idea! It is an awful way to be woken up in the middle of the night! I wasn't even singing show tunes! Haha.