Wednesday, December 07, 2011

{The Wall}

While inside doing some sort of motherly/wife duty I could hear loud thumps. Locating where the sound came from, I opened the back door to find this:A smile immediately came to my face as I saw another of Bret's dreams coming to fruition.

Bret has always told me stories of how he would spend hours out in his backyard perfecting his soccer skills. Dribbling, name it, he would practice for hours on end (on a side note I have to add his practicing paid off. He played in High School and in College, and most recently in a Thanksgiving soccer game where he made an awesome goal - think "bending it like Beckham". The man has skills I tell ya).Bret has had a desire to have a yard where he could play soccer with his kids since we started talking about having kids. Even when my kids were in utero he would rub my belly and tell them they were going to be soccer players.

While planning out our backyard here Bret couldn't suppress his excitement when he saw the perfect spot for his soccer wall. It's been a topic in the forefront of his mind since we laid the sod.

Finally, after waiting weeks for the grass to take hold and grow I guess he thought it was time to show the girls the wall.Thump! Thump! Thump!

Usually the noise would be a bit of an annoyance to me, but every time I heard that noise or the kids laughing with Bret while racing around the back yard it just made me smile knowing how happy Bret was.Here's to the Grover's Soccer Wall!


Melia said...

So many memories revolved around Bret and soccer. How fun to have such a dream come true!

Sol said...

I love the first picture. Ella is really going for it!

p.s. your garden is huge. *sigh* garden envy is a sin... and the grass looks so lush *sigh*

William said...

The yard looks great....Bret and girls are soccer mania all the way....and....question about the dog in the photo.....what is he doing???? At first it looks like he is holding the ball on his tail....then looks like something else. Nice green for soccer, not good for dogs!!

Love ya!