Sunday, December 18, 2011

{Sunday Photographs - 42}

Late in posting this due to spending a fun evening with family.

A typical Grover Sunday dinner was enjoyed - pot roast, mashed potatoes, sweet corn, salad, peach cobbler and ice cream.

Bellies were full, homemade family gifts were made and good conversation abounded.

Today's Sunday picture was snapped as we were heading out the door to church. I knew I'd probably not have time or forget unless I did it right glad I did, because they sure looked cute today.

I took a bit of a break from wrapping the kids presents to post this. Looking over to see Bret on the floor, wrapping paper and bits of ribbon and string everywhere it makes me smile.

Wrapping isn't my forte, but gift finding and adding the final touches (bows, strings and tags) are.

I better get back to wrapping and imagining what the kids faces will be on Christmas morning!

p.s. The only way to get Jonas to stand still during a picture is to give him a treat...even then, as you can see, it only buys you about ten seconds.

There's a reason why I don't have very many shots of any of my kids at this age....well, pictures that are in focus.

p.p.s. We are watching the Survivor finale as we wrap. Go OZZY!!!


Lisa and Rustin said...

Your kids are just the cutest!!
Blake won't cooperate for pics either! Boys!

{natalie} said...

The pictures are super cute. I love Sundays and all the family time.

brittany said...

they sure are cute! jonas is looking so grown up, and i love the star on your door.

Natalie said...

I love that you said something about Jonas standing still because I swear that was my very first thought when I saw the first picture. I admit I was a little jealous that your kiddo was willing to be still for a snapshot when mine SO is not. I feel a little better now.

Shar said...

Love the top picture! So cute!

I love wrapping and you're lucky you have help. I pick out, buy, and wrap EVERYTHING for Christmas. Go Bret!