Sunday, December 11, 2011

{Sunday Photographs - 41}

Every year these felt puppets from my childhood are a big hit at the Grover home.

This morning was no exception.

The kids acted out their version of the Nativity story complete with the angel telling the shepherds to have good manners,show respect and don't crazy when they see baby Jesus.

Sound advice in my opinion.

Jonas is home with me today while the others are at church. Waking up with a green goopy nose, a croupy cough and a fever is no fun...just ask Jonas.

Some hot honey and lemon tea, Vick's vapor rub and The Wiggles have helped.

Today we plan on watching this Christmas devotional (love DVR) while drinking hot cocoa from our Santa mugs.

While The Wiggles keep my son enamored I'm hoping a large portion editing will happen for my recent sessions. Tis the season for Christmas cards!

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Sarah said...

Those puppets are awesome! I love that the girls told them to have good manners, show respect and don't go crazy. Listening in on pretend play moments are the best :)