Monday, December 12, 2011

{No. 162}

Here's a list of the number one thing on the top of each of the Grover's holiday wish list. Maybe they will end up on your list as well.

1 - Bret. He's had his current pair of sunglasses for 10+ years. They are scratched and ready to retire. I'm pretty sure Santa is bringing him these.

2 - Ella and Mailee. My girls are all about arts and crafts. One look at these fingerprint art kits and they shot straight to the top of their list.

I could see many many hours spent enjoying these super cute kits.

3 - Erica. Apparently I'm difficult to shop for - so says my best friend and husband. I really don't think so.

I did finally come up with a few things for my list. At the top is this perfect pencil skirt in a color that I love (multiple colors really). Pencil skirts are classic! I have so many ideas on what to pair with this looker.

4 - Jonas. The little dude has loved his wooden airport made by the same company. It's not even a question that he would love this car set as well. We love that they come in their own box that all parts can be stored in.


Sol said...

I love the colour of that skirt

Sarah said...

That skirt is perfection. I hope you've been a good girl this year ;)