Wednesday, December 21, 2011


The kids think of a project/gift they want to make for each other every Christmas. In the past they've made picture frames, treasure boxes, crafting kits, etc.

This year I was totally inspired by Design Mom to try making monogram mugs for each child.

Bret and I have the monogrammed mugs from Anthropologie and use them on a daily basis. The kids have more than once requested to have one as well.

I found the perfect gift for the kids to make! Yes, it would cost more then just purchasing the mugs but the reason for this little DIY project isn't to save money but to make something for someone else and enjoy the process...and enjoy we did (shout out to Adam and Jesse who also helped with this little project as well!).We found the mugs at local thrift stores and the rest of the materials at Michael's.

We also made mugs for our Welsh cousins as their Christmas gift. Here's to hoping they make it to Portland without any breakage!

We already have ideas on what to draw next year on the mugs for our other cousins and friends.
They are perfectly imperfect and we can't wait to use them!

*For detailed instructions go {HERE}*


Sol said...

Those are fabulous. I am now hoping to help my Great Niece to make one of these for my sisters birthday. Thanks for the idea.

p.s. word verification is Fries. that made me laugh

Morgan said...


Bri {collected} said...

I love that we are always on the same wavelength. I made mugs for neighbor gifts this year!