Tuesday, December 06, 2011

{Lights + sweets}

We went and checked out the lights around the Mission Inn in Riverside last night. It was a sort of kick start to the many times to come where we drive around and ooh and ahh over Christmas lights.Jonas was in heaven and kept pointing at the lights and yelling "Woah COOOOOOL!".The kids loved all the Christmas decor, the horse drawn carriages that looked like Cinderella's pumpkin carriage, ice skating and the of course the Christmas music playing.Subtle reminders that we were still in California could be found...like palm trees decked out in lights instead of pine trees and oranges spotted on trees as well.The kids said the best part of the night was seeing the reindeer. They just couldn't believe it and had a hard time leaving the reindeer area.

Looked to me like Rudolph was bored and wanted some privacy.Bret and I said the best part of the night was Casey's Cupcakes.We like to watch the show Cupcake Wars on The Food Network? Casey's cupcakes won Cupcake wars and now we know why...their cupcakes are fantastic!His favorite was Luscious Lemon, mine was Caribbean Coconut, and the girls just loved all the frosting from the Marvelous Milk Chocolate and the Vivacious Vanilla.The girls were very happy their hands smelled like cupcakes for the rest of the night.It was a festive, fun, family night...nothing remarkable happened but you can be sure memories were made.


Hays said...

oh man i want a cupcake!

and your family pics are gorgeous!!

Andrea said...

Cupcake Wars in one of our favorite family shows...along with Chopped. (That's MY favorite) How cool that you got to try out one of her cupcakes?! YUM! Looks like a fun night out with the family.

Sol said...

Awesome. I wish they did more lights like that in England. Oxford street is ok. But there is nowhere around here that is completely decked all out in lights. that would be lovely.

Sarah said...

What a fun family outing! I love it. The lights are beautiful and those cupcakes look delicious!! I'm so wishing I could have come along :)

PS - Jonas looks so grown up walking around in his converse, big coat and toque! Too cute.