Thursday, December 01, 2011

{December 1st}

It's December 1st! The official count down until Christmas has arrived and the Christmas season is in full swing at our house.

The tree has been trimmed. The elf, Red, made his appearance this morning.

The nativity sets are out, (baby Jesus has been carried around by Jonas all morning). The games and felt puppets to help learn the roles of each person/place/thing have been put out for the kids to use and abuse love.

The vintage Santa mugs have been pulled out of storage and ready to be filled with hot cocoa. The stockings have been hung.

Our 2011 Christmas mix has been compiled and many a dance party by the tree has been planned.

Christmas service lists have been made, supplies for homemade gifts have been found and most important, plans to teach, talk and learn about the true meaning of Christmas are ready to go.Happy December!


Jo(ke) said...

Happy December indeed!

Sarah said...

You are way more on the ball than I am! ;) I still can not believe that it's already December. I feel like we're cheating and doing things early, but we're not! Your house looks so cute and Christmas cozy!

Sol said...

Wow we dont even have a tree! eek!

We are watching elf tonight though. 1 film eat evening till Christmas eve!