Friday, December 16, 2011

{Good tidings!}

What? Your parents didn't make you wear old robes, towels and cloth scraps so you could (barely) resemble shepherds?

And don't tell me that you also didn't go door to door to your neighbors and recite the Christmas story from the Bible word for word?

Everyone does this right?

Yes...we Welsh's wanted to "Bring good tidings of great joy" to those we loved...bathrobe style.

Happy Friday!

p.s.The kids get out early today and Christmas break officially begins. We'll be celebrating with some cinnamon buns, hot cocoa and Elf when they get home.

top row -Oldest sibling Jim, Mom, Me, Dad
bottom row - brother Sean, brother Mike, brother Adam


Jessica Newman said...

HA! :)
That is hilarious!
I love your idea for a little celebration after school today!

William said...

We had fun....even if we all didn't really want to do it!!! Mom has ideas like you...or have ideas like mom...anyway, both of you make holidays fun. Can hardly wait to see you. Love ya!

allison said...

Love the picture. We wore bathrobes too but we didn't go door to it!