Thursday, December 08, 2011


We are off to Disneyland today. It's "cold" here and not around any major holiday so even most of the locals won't be heading there (more than likely) which means no wait time in lines making it the "Happier Happiest Place on Earth".{Dole Whip by the Tiki room aka HEAVEN}
When planning this excursion Bret and our good friend Aaron (who's family is going with us) had to coordinate days off.

I came across their texted conversation and had to share:

Bret: "Have day off set for 8th".

Aaron: "Sounds good. I'll see you then".

Bret: "I will be wearing my pink suede fanny pack".

Aaron: "I'll wear my princess castle puffy jacket".

Bret: "If you're looking for me I will be on my electric scooter trying to take out ankles".

When you get these two guys together this is pretty much how all of their conversations go. Makes for an extra fun day at Disneyland.

And we're off...

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Sol said...

Disney at Christmas must be amazing.

Saw this and thought of you with your lunch box ideas

Have a great weekend