Thursday, December 15, 2011


1.I love checking the mail this time of year. Everyday more Christmas cards from fabulous friends arrive and make us smile.

Sending ours out this week.

2.Driving around looking at Christmas lights while listening to our Christmas mix is always enjoyable.

Hearing all 3 kids belt out "Oooo-ba-baa, Oooo-ba-baa" along with Lenka rocks.

3.My girls both requested Scotch pop-up tape for Christmas! What?! They then proceeded to list the many many ways this tape would be useful in their crafting.

Makes sense to me. Hello new stocking stuffer idea!

4.I have been enjoying finding the baby Jesus from our Nativity set in random places around the house. So far I've found him on both Christmas trees, floating in the toilet with a sheep and Tinkerbell, in the silverware drawer and lodged in Jonas' diaper.

5.I have good intentions to put at least one string of lights up on our house outside. The house really does look pathetic driving up to it when it's dark...not a single light or fakey blow up thing in the front yard.

Then again, I'm pretty sure I will just stick to my justification that opening my front window blinds so the Christmas tree lights can be seen is enough lights for the outside as well.

Just call me GRINCH

6.Just realized that my kids will want to play in the snow while we are in Utah and all their snow gear is way too small now.

Solution: Tights and leggings under jeans and thick socks with their rain boots. Super Ghetto...yes...but it works so I'm down.


Anyone have some snow bibs and boots I can borrow for a day while in Utah?

7.A beanie clad Jonas makes his cheeks appear even chubbier which usually results in his parental units squeezing his cheeks a lot as well as strangers while in line at Disneyland.

8.Humidifiers rock. With the first cold of the Winter season hitting hard at our house starting with Jonas, this little penguin has been our best friend.

It's been the best humidifier we've owned.

9.After yesterdays excursion to the doctor's office, and having labs and an X-ray done for Mailee who was bent over in abdominal pain it was confirmed that she was "full of crap", a suspicion we as her parents often have whenever she spins her mighty stories about how she shouldn't be the one to blame when something (she did) goes wrong.

All joking aside we are very grateful that she is only suffering from a bout of severe constipation and not appendicitis, which was what they first suspected.


Ben, Rebecca, Natali, & Isaac said...

Good news about Mailee :) Ghetto or not your snow solution is what we did every year growing up in so. cal when we would drive up to the mountains to take in the snow. It works. Plus we took it a "ghetto" step farther by wrapping our feet in plastic grocery bags before putting our shoes on. We looked g-o-o-d!!!
( outside lights on our house either, and I'm totally okay with it)

McKelle said...

It will have to snow in Utah before you'll need the snow bibs...unless you'll be in the mountains or someplace it has actually snowed. No snow in our yard as of now, and that is just how I like it.

allison said...

Savannah was "full of crap" last year after she started Kindergarten too the doctor called it FOC.