Sunday, November 27, 2011

{Sunday Photographs - 39}

The last two days have pretty much been spent like the pictures above. Laying around the house when you're not in the bathroom.

I have had my fill of cleaning puke covered people, places and things for a while...hopefully a long while.

Getting Jonas to remain on the oilcloth mat I laid out on the carpet was effective 4 out of the 9 times he vomited so I'd call that a success. I spent a lot of time dreaming of a house covered with oilcloth carpet.

Mailee only complained once by saying "Mom all I've done all day is puke...lay down...puke lay down...I'm over today!". I'd be over it too if I was puking every 20 minutes!

I did manage to get the Christmas tree up and decorated before I started feeling sick late last night so this weekend wasn't totally a fail.

Looking at a beautiful Christmas tree while laying on a couch sick always makes you feel a little better.

Here's to tomorrow being a puke free and back to school day!Had to mention the two things that, along with the Christmas tree sparkle, brought a little happiness to this house.

1.Ginger Ale - an upset stomach's best friend. I felt like I needed to be serving a small bag of pretzels or peanuts along with their beverage and wearing a flight attendant's outfit.

2.Awesome friends. Shout out to Mese Ugapo who saw we were a house of Puke and brought some of our favorite juice to us. What kindness!


Lisa and Rustin said...

Sorry y'all are sick!! That stinks!
We are too...but just colds and coughs.

Hope ya get feeling better!

Lauren Smith said...

Being sick is zero fun :( but I definitely drink ginger ale when my stomach is upside down too.

Kristan said...

Cam LOVES ginger ale! Only he calls it "ginger wale" :)