Sunday, November 06, 2011

{Sunday Photographs- 38}

It's cold. My blood has seriously thinned since moving out to California from Iowa. It's 34 degrees outside so maybe I have a good reason to feel cold.

As I type the sounds of hail coming down and the loud booms of thunder outside are accompanying the music coming from Just Dance 2 inside.

It's pure entertainment watching Bret dance with the girls. Bret has recieved 5 stars for the last 3 dances. Jonas has a pretty good sized bump on his head from running past Ella while she was dancing. Just Dance is no joke.

It was dark here at 4:45?! So begins the "black death" months where it's dark before Bret gets home from work. Ugh.

Since we didn't go on our Sunday walk the kids found amusement in burying each other in the large pile of clean clothes. Who knew that a hamper filled with clothes could provide such entertainment?! I just found another justifiable reason not to fold their clothes.

Anyone else out there watching Once Upon a Time? Such a great show. I look forward to it on Sunday's after we put the kids to bed. Look it up and watch it.


Anonymous said...

Ahhh, now my Sunday is complete. Just dance is serious business. I have been wanting to catch that show, but haven't yet. Sounds like I need to make it a priority.

Debbi said...

We've been watching that show too -(well, me kinda, because I'm usually trying to do the Sunday photo post at the same time). It took place of amazing race around here...good show.

Rochelle said...

love that show and love your kids! thay are all so adorasble.

Cassie and Mitch said...

I love that show too!!! Finally a good clean show on TV that I won't ever have to feel guilty watching!