Monday, November 07, 2011

{No. 160}

Sharing some of my favorite things that bring comfort and make me feel cozy is what today is all about.
1.Loving all the vibrant colors that the plaid flannel shirts are doing this season. Best quality and most variety of shirts goes to American Eagle. The length is perfect and with the wide variety of colors everyone should be able to find one that they love.

2.This color block scarf would add a pop of color and some warmth to your day. Favorite places to find scarves are Urban Outfitters, Target, Gap and Old Navy.

3.A beautiful necklace will up your outfit when wearing a thermal solid top or cable knit sweater. I have a thing for lockets and I love this one.

4.We use mugs daily around here...especially when the weather cools down. Hot cocoa and herbal teas always taste better in a good looking mug. I like to get a new mug every year for stocking stuffers and I think I found this years mug.

5.These by far are my favorite sweat pants. If you stop by my house after 8:00 p.m. you will usually find me wearing a pair of these. So comfortable and warm!

6.I love my slipper socks. I love them so much that I've put a hole in a couple of pair. This year I'm' thinking I'd like to give these moccasin slippers a try. They seem like they would last longer. I will miss sliding around our wood floors with my slipper socks though...

7.I just brought out our colorful quilts. Great for pictures, tent making, and taking naps. Some of our quilts have been made by people dear to us, others I have waited patiently until they went on mega sale and bought, but all of them must be colorful and cozy.

8.Music always makes the house cozy and comfy. When it's cold and overcast outside a little Bon Iver or Arcade Fire makes the mood inside mellow and calm.

9.Speaking of slipper socks...this looks like a cozy pair. Love the color.

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sofieV said...

I love your style, Erica!

Christi's Chirps said...

I am definitely loving the vibrant colors this season, too! Why dress so drab just because it's chilly outside? :)

Your picks are so fun and perfect for gift ideas too!

Thanks for sharing!


{natalie} said...

Moc slippers are my fav. I love ll bean's.

And I agree music is essential and especially in the kitchen.

Cool mug.