Wednesday, November 30, 2011

{Chocolate Roll}

Growing up my fabulous grandma would make this delicious dessert when she would visit. It became a family favorite and a tradition to have.

Every time I make this I think of my Grandma and the wonderful memories associated with her.
Chocolate Roll

*4 cups heavy whipping cream (I have two cartons showing because I was making two large rolls)
*1 tsp vanilla
*1 tsp peppermint extract (optional)
*1 cup confectioner's sugar (less/more to taste)
*2 tbsp cocoa powder
*1 package Famous Chocolate Wafer cookies (These cookies are often hard to find. I can find them locally at Albertson's or Stater Bros. or you can find them online)

Beat cream with mixer on high speed until stiff peaks form. Gently stir in vanilla, sugar and cocoa powder.

At this point if you want your chocolate roll to be peppermint add the extract to the whipping cream as well.Spread whipped cream on bottom of platter. Make sure it's thick enough so the wafer cookie can stand on its own.Spread whipped cream onto wafer cookie and place another cookie, making a sandwich.Place cookies on platter using the whipped cream that was spread on platter to anchor the cookies.Continue with a layer of cookie and a layer of whipped cream until all wafer cookies have been used.

I like to press the cookies closer together once placed and allow the cream to squeeze out of the sides. If you want your cookies with less cream in between the cookies put less whipped cream or press them togetherlike I do.Once all cookies have been placed place 3 large dollups of whipped cream on top of roll. Begin to spread the whipped cream until the log is completely covered with a nice thick layer of cream.Garnish with chocolate shavings or if you used the peppermint extract I like to garnish with a bit of crushed candy canes just before serving.Refrigerate at least 4 hours. Cut into diagonal slices to serve.

I didn't get a good picture of the roll sliced but it's important to cut the slices at a diagonal. Also, having the roll cold makes the dessert taste better in my opinion, so I'd recommend keeping it in the fridge until just before serving.



Jessica Newman said...

Mia has been asking for this since Thanksgiving!

William said...

Karisty is going to make some for us....glad you girls learned how to make this from Grandma. Oh....the name we always called it was Chocolate Log! Eat some for me. Love ya, Dad

jessie said...

Yummo! Definitely will be trying this.

brittany said...

so my dad wants this every christmas. my grandma used to make it too. I'm usually the one that ends up making it for him and i've never spread the whip cream on the bottom of the platter. i'm thinking that will make it so much easier to put together. thanks!

Sarah said...

That looks amazingly delicious!! Thanks for sharing such a great recipe. Also, I'm so glad that you guys are all well again to enjoy such yummy treats!

Unknown said...

oh my goodness! i remember you made this for us and it was fabulous:) how can you resist just throwing the wafers and cream in your mouth!?:) it'd be too hard for me to resist!

Anonymous said...

the above comment is from me...melina:)

Christi's Chirps said...

What a neat dessert! I love this idea! I need to try this soon! I'm sure this would be a hit over the Christmas holiday!


Canda said...

Looks so yummy--I'm going to try this one.